Earthquake Ontology


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In Japan, information such as waveforms and seismic intensity observed by seismometers installed by the Japan Meteorological Agency, National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, and local governments, as well as epicenter and magnitude determined from waveforms, are publicly available.

However, since observations have been conducted for a long time, there are many data that are difficult to handle for non-specialists, such as fixed-length data following past formats, formats selected to be read by specific software, and information on a single seismic motion recorded in multiple data.

For example, when looking for information on a particular earthquake from the Japan Meteorological Agency, epicenter data is obtained from the Earthquake Monthly Report (catalog edition) for past earthquakes.
However, the epicenter data only includes data on the hypocenter, and does not describe the observation data of the earthquake at a particular epicenter.
Instead, by obtaining the seismic intensity data, information about the observation points is included, but this data does not include the number of observation points used to determine the epicenter.
Furthermore, it is not easy to match the observation points included in this data with those included in 、the JMA list of seismic intensity observation stations.

Therefore, we will convert each data into LOD and connect the data scattered in multiple files to improve the retrieval of observed waveform data, epicenter data, etc.

Japan Meteological Agency (JMA)

National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED)

Earthquake LOD Search

SPARQL Endpoint

Observations of earthquakes of magnitude 5 and above that occurred in 2018

                    select distinct * where {
                        ?s a <> . 
                        ?s jpe:originTime ?origin .
                        ?s jpe:shindo ?shindo.
                            FILTER(xsd:dateTime(?origin) > "2018-01-01T00:00:00"^^xsd:dateTime)
                           FILTER CONTAINS(xsd:string(?shindo), '震度5強')
                        ?obs_wave jpe:hasHypocenter ?s ;
                            jpe:observedBy ?sta .
                        ?sta rdfs:labal ?name .
                        } LIMIT 100


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